Crocodile Charmer Comic Series

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Full 20 page comic series featuring a large male snake Danza meeting and playing with his new male crocodile friend.
Features coiling, shenanigans, consensual oral vore, a lot of fun alts and a cozy ending. Pack includes 20 HD pages in addition to alternate/xray shots and text versions.

The entire project that started in 2019 has been fully revamped and remastered and is updated in the “Remastered” folder within this pack. Anyone that purchases this art pack will also have ongoing access to the original version of this comic series as well as the new remaster. The price will remain the same upon full remaster release and you get access to everything!

The “original” series contains 20 pages featuring 42 full 4K+ resolution paintings in addition to 43 full resolution sketches/works in progress for those of you that want to see more of the progression of this series. The remaster also features 42 full color 4k pages and includes every single alternate version of the comic series.

This series now also contains a full story written by Noiratblack who’s crocodile character is featured.

Credit to Noiratblack for writing the story and MikasiWolf as the proof reader and editor.

Thank you so much for supporting me by purchasing this pack, your support helps me create more content like this!

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2 reviews for Crocodile Charmer Comic Series

  1. Rusti (verified owner)

    Amazing art pack – the attention to detail Danza puts into every page is incredible!

  2. Malus (verified owner)

    It still gives me all sorts of tingling shivers every time I look at it.^^ ;
    May be my favourite vore art from Danza, period and I hope there might be more in the future.^^

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